Wild MushrOOmBurger with avocado-mango mayo


IMG_6570I’ve noticed that I’ve been eating a lot of mushrooms lately. I love mushrooms, but I normally don’t buy them weekly and eat by, say, pound at a time.

May be my mushroom addiction is caused by this never-gonna-end-winter, may be there is something else in the air, but here is the fact – mushrooms became a part of my everyday meals. I marinate them, stir fry, eat raw and turn into a burger too.

Here is the thing. I love all the mushrooms, but I love especially wild mushrooms. When I was about 10 years old and used to spend summer time in the country side with my grandma, the best time was a weekend, when my parents came to visit. On Saturday morning me and my dad used to wake up very early and head towards the woods with a few baskets or buckets. We got pretty lucky with the woods and were always able to pick a ton of different mushrooms. We were back around breakfast time with the buckets and baskets full of gorgeous forest guys. We filled the biggest containers with water and let the harvest soak while we were enjoying our morning meals.

The time has passed, I live in a country where these mushrooms don’t grow (seems like). Our county house had been sold long time ago, my parents have moved to a different area, but luckily there are mushrooms around their current place as well, which they pick up, freeze or dehydrate and..send me!

I recently made some beet burgers, following this recipe by The Sprouted Kitchen. These guys turned out fabulous! Not even me (the biggest beet fan), but even Nathan ate 2 at a time.

So, these mushrooms in my cabinet were keeping my mind busy for a while. You see, they are so precious, so I didn’t want to mess things up. Finally, curiosity won and I decided to give it try. MushrOOm burger.


20130415-124552.jpgI used a combination of both: my dried wild mushrooms and fresh cremini/baby bella mushrooms. Also, I cooked rice in a water the dried mushrooms have been soaked to increase the flavour. I used walnuts and lentils for the better texture, but I think beans might be a substitution to lentils and any other nuts – for walnuts, I added 3 dates for nice sweetness. I used one egg, which can be substituted with soaked flax seeds for the vegan version (cheese might be just skipped). I cooked most of burgers in the oven and then grilled a couple to compare the result (grilled ones fell apart, while baked ones held together pretty good). For the sauce, I made avocado-mango mayo, which turned out damn good.