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Savoy cabbage wrap with lima beans, carrots, red cabbage and green peas guacamole

There are still inches of snow outside, but I’m done with this. I won’t put on layers of sweaters, no more complains, no more anything winter-related. I put a spring mode on. I’m taking my first yoga class tonight after a long break, I’m wearing just one shirt and a cardigan (most likely I’ll need […]

Freddie-friendly soup with root veggies and lima beans

Winter 2013 seems to last forever. I wouldn’t say it’s very cold, but I’m used to weather in Columbus and it changes all the time, but this year it doesn’t change all the time. It is winter and that’s it. And it doesn’t only get you outside, it got inside to: I can see it […]

Fresh Spring Rolls and Quinoa (sushi) Rolls

It’s so exciting and don’t even know what to start with. Probably from the very┬ábeginning. I recently found a blog I fell in love with from the first sight. Seriously, I read it like a book, from the very┬ábeginning, turning web-pages. I even started feeling this anxiety about reaching the end some time soon (like […]

Vinegrette: Traditional Russian beet salad

Russians love beets. They sink in hot borsch or cold svekolnik (made with beet greens), dig into “heiring under the fur coat” (its another delicious salad), eat rye bread with the beet and garlic spread and even drink Kvas, made from guess what? – beets! I don’t know where this love came from, but I […]