Spring Taco and Benefits of Avocado

Taco salad

As the temperature went up I experienced an immediate craving for a huge bowl of all things good salad. While making my way through the jungles of Romaine and Red Leaf Lettuce in the fridge I thought I’d boost my spring bowl with more filling stuff and add some legumes and dairy.

Things happened fast: all the veggies got diced, lentils were stirred in and guacamole was made in just seconds. I ended up with a raw taco variation which was refreshing and satisfying on this 61F degrees day.

I always have some cooked legumes (french lentils), beans (chickpeas) and grains (rice, quinoa) available for a quick meal solution. Good example would be to toss some in a salad, sprinkle on top of a bowl of soup or a stew.

Avocado is another staple in our house. Everyone loves this green buttery fruit and it can be used in so many delicious ways, to mention a few: added to a smoothie, spread on a toast, mixed in a cream soup, turned into guacamole, top a soup or a stew and, of course, added to a salad.

Fun facts: “U.S. adults who consume avocado average some important nutrient benefits, including intake of more potassium, vitamin K, vitamin E, fiber, magnesium, and monounsaturated fat. In addition, they average greater overall intake of fruits and vegetables and have better overall diet quality. Avocado is also an especially rich source of monounsaturated fatty acids, and in particular, oleic acid, which accounts for over 60% of the total fat found in this food.” So gobble up on this guac.