Oat cookies with apple pulp (GF&vegan)


This post is pretty specific and might be interesting for those who juice, since the main ingredient is leftover from making juice – apple pulp.

October is a high season for apples. Almost all the varieties are available at the markets, orchards are full and so ready for people to come over and pick these delicious fruits.
This might be my favourite part of the fall. It just feels like this is the real thing. Here and now, when it’s not as summer-y anymore, but not winter-y yet either. It’s the high season going on and there should be at least one apple adventure everyone should participate in.
We go apple-picking a few times in a season. I juice apples daily as a part of my everyday morning juice, I make apple sauce and butter for all of us to snack on later in the winter, Nathan makes cider (like a LOT of cider), we used to dehydrate some and, of course enjoy fresh raw apples as well (especially Frederic). But let’s get back to juicing.

We had about 15 lbs of Jonathan apples left. Nathan likes how the cider, made from them tastes. I’m personally not a big fan of this exactly type of apples, that’s why we had 15 lbs left. They keep well, but at some point they should be used. This point has been approaching and we decided to treat F with some apple juice. And so we juiced all them. I normally throw away all the pulp from my juices, just because it’s a mix of veggies and fruits which is not suitable for one dish and I just don’t have enough of extra time to go through it. But this time we had only apples and I really didn’t want to waste all the left over pulp. Cookies were my first idea, but I’m so bad in baking and I need a certain recipe, so I thought about muffins (still baking, but with some room for easy to fix fails). I think muffins are like singing ‘don’t know how to sing, then sing loud’, – ‘don’t know how to bake, make muffins’.
I wanted my “whatever it will be” to be gluten-free and vegan. Chia seeds is a good replacement for egg just and coconut oil will work perfect instead of a butter. Oats were an obvious choice (we talk nutrition here, right?).
What meant to be muffins turned into cookies in the end. They are crispy outside and soft, jam-y inside. Not too sweet and crunchy just enough. I’m completely happy with this experiment and I’m finishing my second one with the glass of cashew milk right now.