Morning cereal mix with quinoa, millet and amaranth

IMG_6211I might be in the process of changing my morning routine right now. I have been eating rolled oats with Greek yogurt and fruits for a year, then I switched to oat still cuts and it has been almost a year too.

You see, morning meal is a very important part of the day, for me at least. I need it to be filling, nourishing and tasty, if course. All these needs were completely covered and I was absolutely happy with my breakfasts. More over, every time when I had to eat breakfast out or so I felt anxious. It wasn’t the same, of course.

Almost three weeks ago I started cleanse program and my breakfasts for the first week were smoothies and juices, no grains. Boy, did I feel broken? I did.. I was craving my oat cuts so badly…For the second week quinoa porridge and pancakes were on the menu. I love quinoa, but this porridge wasn’t any good; I don’t like pancakes (even if they are made from oat flour, based on bananas and coconut and, to be honest, are not really pancakes), but Freddie liked them a lot, so no waste here. Interesting fact, I went back to the first week breakfast menu and started making smoothies (different every day) for breakfast and felt pretty good.

For the third week eggs, muesli and muffins were on the menu. I can deal with muesli, but eggs make me feel too heavy and stuffed, so do muffins (I prefer whole grains to processed anyways).

The winter was still killing with its cold weather and my bidy was calling for more warm meals. At this point I revised my grain cabinet and took out three containers: millet, amaranth, quinoa (I know I just said that I didn’t like it, but different recipe might give it a chance).

I’ve been making Freddie amaranth porridge for a week or so and served it with mashed frozen/thawed bananas. So delicious! I like millet for its nutty and crunchy taste and know..

The idea was to make mix all the grains together and cook, then store in the container and scoop out desirable amount daily and top it with whatever.

It is recommended to soak grains for higher nutritional value and easier digestion, so go for it (even 2 hours will make a difference, overnight is the best).