Green power juice

IMG_6014 I have never really thought about it before, but apparently “green” means “healthy” for the most of the population. For the same reason “green” food is considered to be gross, ’cause it can’t taste good (think: juicing broccoli? are you insane??). I actually don’t like green colour, like I probably would rather go with a purple dress than with a green one..But I think I like green food. Not because it is green and “healthy”, just because I always liked big bowls of salads (think: mixed greens)..I don’t like granny smith apples though that much. I can eat any amount of mixed greens. If you give me a bowl with parsley mixed with cilantro and topped with seaweed I will eat it with a great pleasure and ask for more. Seriously.

The thing is that I’m used to eat greens, not drink. Recently I have been reading a lot about all kind of green juices and smoothies. And I gave it a try. And I liked it (who is surprised?).

Green smoothie is a great breakfast. It’s filling, your stomach will be grateful for such a nice way of starting a work day (better than fried eggs, for example), there are no limits on ingredients so that it might taste just like an apple if you add apples, it will be sweet if you add bananas etc.

Juices are less filling, but are easily digested and bring energy right away. I know coffee is considered to play this role, but think twice. Juices are like smoothies might be made from any fruits in addition to the greens. I like to add an apple to mine.

Both are delicious when topped with sweet bee pollen, nutritious hemp seed hearts, shredded coconut..your choice.