Frederic’s pick of the week: Quick lentils stew

quick lentil stew

Sometimes it’s not that easy to share everything I eat with Freddie, just because he can’t chew raw salad as good as I can. I give him some avocados and try to distract him with some cheese or whatever..

I love lentils, so does Freddie, but I normally cook green on black ones, since I use them in salads and they stay firm. Red lentils are not less favorite though, they work great for spreads and soups/stews.

So I was thinking what kind of long-lasting meal to make for Freddie. I recently made a pretty nice red lentils and sun dried tomato spread, so I thought that red lentils stew would be hearty, delicious and just what we needed (in this never ending winter in the end of April).

Onions, garlic, carrots and spices are the basic flavour-bringing ingredients. Turmeric is one of my favorite spices, it brings warmth, depth and just the right amount of savouriness. So take those basic guys and add whatever else you’d like: potato, meat, chicken? I had grass-fed steamed meatballs in the freezer for this purpose.

And guess what? this time Freddie had to share his lunch with me..Guess what else? Freddie’s lunch turned into Nathan’s dinner later that night.