DIY Bottle Drying Rack

When you start home brewing beer and cider you find that many many bottles are needed. This in turn requires much space for drying bottles. There are several commercial options available for bottle drying, but its pretty simple to build a bottle drying rack on your own.

bottle drying tree

The project is simple enough, find something that stands then drill a bunch of holes. I decided to use an old hall tree that I was no longer using. You could also simple take a 2×4, add some feet, and start drilling away.

diy bottle drying tree

I purchased 7 3/8″ dowel rods and cut them into 8 equal sections (I think it was about 6″ each piece). This works out just about perfect for the amount of clean bottles you need for a 5 gallon batch of beer.

diy bottle rack

Measure and mark your drill holes and start drilling, its going to take longer than you think to drill 56 holes.

Drill at about a 45 degree angle, I found it easiest to angle the tree and just drill straight down holes, this kept the angle consistent around then entire tree. Make sure to stagger your holes so you don’t weaken the structure too much.

diy bottle drying rack

Once you drill all the holes drip some glue in and shove in the dowel. Now you have your own bottle drying rack to make cleaning and sanitizing your bottles a lot more enjoyable.