Delicious and healthy whole wheat muffin with wheat germ

healthy muffins

My morning meal is an oatmeal. Its been like this for years and will probably be forever. Nathan likes to have eggs for his breakfast and never minds some pastry or at least just a toast. Sometimes I wake up earlier to make crepes (never pancakes though) or something else. Having people over will make me widen our breakfast horizons. What could be more classic and American than a morning muffin (pancake, I assume, but anyways)? I woke up earlier last Saturday with intention to use our muffin pan as a proof that it shouldn’t go hang out in the basement yet. I don’t load my food with butter and sugar so need to adopt most of the recipes. I recently found Rob Mill’s wheat germ package and now use it in pretty much everything. So, here it is – morning healthy treat.

muffins in oven