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I’ve been meaning to write a few words about salt as it is something so essential in pretty much everyone’s diet that I feel like there is a need to talk about it. For a long time (over a year at least) I’ve been using exclusively pink Himalayan salt for everything. I buy it in […]

Rhubarb Infusion & Cocktail

It’s not too late in the season yet to pick up a few pounds of fresh rhubarb.  This is my second year making this fresh and crisp infusion. It was so good last year that I very carefully rationed it to run out just as this years rhubarb season was starting. I decided to forgo […]

Bananas over ice(non)cream

Oh my…I just finished licking the spoon with the last bits of my chocolate goodness. I feel extremely guilty for finishing almost the whole container in one sitting, but the other part of me says: ‘it’s perfectly fine to nourishly treat yourself with some bananas, raw cacao powder, dates and chocolate nibs. And it absolutely […]