Vinegrette: Traditional Russian beet salad

Russians love beets. They sink in hot borsch or cold svekolnik (made with beet greens), dig into “heiring under the fur coat” (its another delicious salad), eat rye bread with the beet and garlic spread and even drink Kvas, made from guess what? – beets! I don’t know where this love came from, but I […]

Seafood almost risotto with barley for a dinner of six

We were expecting our dear friends over for dinner: guest from NYC, who has never been at out place before, half-American half-Japanese┬ácouple with their adorable 8 months old son. The plan was to make something simple, but pretty, which will most likely satisfy everybody’s taste. We surly had all the appetizers including edamame, cheese plate, […]

Sausage Experience

I think we have been waiting to long and now its definetely time to post something. It takes a while to decide what the first post should be about: shoud it be about food or drinks? should it be related to the season? should it be our own recipe or an adopted one? Should we […]