Bananas over ice(non)cream

IMG_6437Oh my…I just finished licking the spoon with the last bits of my chocolate goodness. I feel extremely guilty for finishing almost the whole container in one sitting, but the other part of me says: ‘it’s perfectly fine to nourishly treat yourself with some bananas, raw cacao powder, dates and chocolate nibs. And it absolutely doesn’t matter that you have never had more than one banana at once’. Sigh..

I have never been known for having a sweet tooth, everybody knows that I’d rather go with a pickle. Of course, I liked kinder surprise and other chocolate candies when I was 5 years old, but that was about it.

I love chocolate, I can admit it. I love dark bitter chocolaty stuff. I make chocolate pudding with chia seeds and a lot of raw cacao powder&chocolate nibs every day. Also, raw cacao promotes the release of neurotransmitters, which promote a positive outlook and bodily rejuvenation, and release feel-good hormones (i knew there was something about it).

I don’t like ice cream that much. I’d like to have some from time to time, but we hardly ever have some at home (I used to crave ice cream while being pregnant though). I would definitely have a scoop in a waffle cone from an ice cream shop while on vacations, but it doesn’t happen offer either. Why? You see, I don’t like my food pre-made with 20+ ingredients. I don’t like this really heavy feeling after having an ice cream.
I fell in love with the frozen yogurt and our relationship has lasted for some time. I had an affair with frozen kefir too, to be honest.  None of it sounds good anymore.
I was looking for a lighter version but as satisfying as an ice cream gets. After making the best in my life chocolate milk shake with frozen bananas, avocado, ice and cacao I realised, that the solution has been found and ideas for banana-based ice “cream” started popping up in my head.

I don’t have a complete recipe developed, but I have a guidelines to make some according to your taste.

If you want your ice cream right away and don’t mind having sorbet style, go with the frozen bananas. You will end up with a very thick smoothie lick stuff, which can be eaten right away or put in a freezer for at least 30-40 min to thicken more.

For the more creamy “full-bodied” version, go with very ripe raw bananas.


1) Fruit. Blend bananas with the berries or fruits of your choice (raspberries, blueberry, strawberry..). Bananas are pretty sweet, so whether or not to add extra sweeteners decide on your own. If you do decide to add more, i’d go with figs and dates, since they will not only provide a delicate sweet taste, but also add tiny chunks. Like nuts? throw some in too! Obsessed with coconut flavour? Add some shredded stuff! More into vanilla? Pure vanilla extract is a way to go. There are absolutely not limits, everything can go.

2) Chocolate (here I come!). I made chocolate banana cream twice so far. I used raw cacao powder (to taste, not everybody is so into bitterness), cacao nibs (don’t skip these guys, they provide extra crunchiness and richer chocolate-ness), almonds and cashews, vanilla and almond extracts, cayenne pepper and good quality Himalayan mineral salt. It is to die for. But, anything from the “fruit” version can be added to this one as well: wholesome berries, coconut, cookies..

Blend all together, transfer to a container and leave a container in the freezer for a few hours (yes, they are going to be the longest hours ever).

Serve with some fresh fruit and cookie/waffles/cones….or just gobble it up straight from the container (I just did it again)..